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1 Accept Terms and conditions 2 Free ticket selling platform 3 Sell tickets

1 Accept Terms and conditions
2 Free ticket selling platform
3 Sell tickets

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Travel Agency Module

Stationary travel agents

Offer your stationary sales partners the WEMOVO travel agency selling platform to search for routes, book tickets and pay with various payment methods to end customers

Digital travel agents

Integrate your digital sales partners (online travel agencies and metasearchers) through our full API and/or IBE to increase your sales

Marketing Module

WordPress plugin

A widget/shortcode for booking forms, promotional routes and route highlight


Coupons for discounts on ticket prices based on ticket type, usage and availability

Metrics/analytics for budget expenditures

Internal metrics for booking platform including ticket sales, coupons used and curt funnel, google analytics and tracking for apps with Mixpanel


Send latest industry and company news via email or SMS

Social media

Social media presence


Customer satisfaction questionnaires

Travel Agency Management

You can register your travel agency core data, define them as pre-paid or post-paid and specify commissions based on the minimum and maximum number of tickets sold.

Pre-Paid travel agents need to charge their account with a minimum amount of money in order to be able to sell tickets for you. In this case you can always be sure you get your money and not run after it.

Post-Paid travel agents can sell tickets for you right away and you invoice them in the end of the month. You have – at any time – the choice to switch your partner either way.

Dynamic Packaging

Offer your content for package holidays including hotels and other services like transfers, car rental etc.

  • Dynamic Packaging (bus transportation and accomodation) to provide travel customers within Europe with vacation packages („Pauschalreisen“)
  • Bus operator can even enlarge product portfolio from current regular line transportation to selected travel
    transportation to various European countries
  • Wemovo is technically implementing a dynamic packaging solution for various tour operators and digital
    travel portals to offer sales channels for „Pauschalreisen“ with busses as mode of transportation

Invoicing and archive functions

Furthermore, it allows you to invoice generation and transaction management and can find the transaction history with details like total ticket sales, commissions (net and A), the paid amount and the balance in different currencies for each affiliated travel agency.

Therefore, you can select the data for example by time (e.g. days, months, years), lines (e.g. place, country) or partners (digital or stationary).

Finally, no long and time consuming search for old documents (e.g. for authorities) for you. Just select the requested data and get it right away to export and/or send them to third parties.

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