Digitizing the Bus Industry

Our founder and CEO, Elon Kelmendi, has been working in the bus industry for more than 10 years. First, he took over the family business and sold it years later successfully to a competitor. After the premises of regular line services – domestic and cross-border, he founded his next company in the leisure bus travel.

After selling this company and earning a degree in Business Administration at Ruhr University he began – driven by many years of experience in the industry – to digitize the far less digitized bus companies in Europe and address their pains and needs with wemovo‘s own software and distribution solution.

The founding team was completed with Davide Marano, serving as CTO and being responsible for technical infrastructure and scaling of the technology, and joined later by Enkelejda Gjergji, who serves as COO for all group operations.

Together with our employees and partners we want to digitize the bus travel industry.




Elon is responsible for strategic alliances and core product management.



Enkelejda is responsible for all group operations.



Davide is responsible for wemovo’s technical infrastructure.

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Sales Partner

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Bus Operators

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