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1 Accept Terms and conditions
2 Free ticket selling platform
3 Sell tickets

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Customer Problems

No or outdated reservation system and non-standard API solution

No complete digitization of inventory data (e.g available lines, prices etc.)

Innumerable single contracts between bus operators and sales partners (e.g. language, legals, technology)

Facing difficult entry into new markets (Global Distribution System)

Lack of own web shop and native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Lack of reporting and analyzing tools

Lack of cross – border VAT ticket calculation

Lack of marketing and customer support tools

The lack of Yield Management System for Bus Operators

Lack of Travel Agency Management Tool

Wemovo’s Solutions

Web based reservation system compatible with all browsers

Continuous updates and support of your system

One contract that solves commercial, legal and technical issues

Continuous growth of sales agents (currently approx. 20.000)

Multilingual system including multiple currency support

Management tool for own affiliated travel agents

Extensive data reporting and analytics

Document management and archive system

Easy and fast API access

Multi user management

Support of different international payment methods

Cross time zone routes

Save cloud hosting of your data – no installation needed

Flexible pricing system and single/multiple ticketing

On demand customization upon customer needs

Many delighted customers
place their trust in our solution

Travel Agency Module

Stationary travel agents

Offer your stationary sales partners the WEMOVO travel agency selling platform to search for routes, book tickets and pay with various payment methods to end customers

Digital travel agents 

Integrate your digital sales partners (online travel agencies and metasearchers) through our full API and/or IBE to increase your sales

Marketing Module

WordPress plugin

A widget/shortcode for booking forms, promotional routes and route highlight


Coupons for discounts on ticket prices based on ticket type, usage and availability

Metrics/analytics for budget expenditures

Internal metrics for booking platform including ticket sales, coupons used and curt funnel, google analytics and tracking for apps with Mixpanel


Send latest industry and company news via email or SMS

Social media

Social media presence


Customer satisfaction questionnaires


Search, book, and purchase tickets using standard and customized native apps (iOS und Android) and administration panel for passengers

Operational Module

Production control

Define the schedule for buses, drivers  and plan driver’s holiday. You also get an automatic suggestion on how to schedule buses.

Filtering and printing of reservations

Filter data based on stations, dates, passenger names, etc.

Capacity changes per departure

Add a bus or change the number of seats manually.

Vehicle management

Define schedules and receive automatic notifications for: maintenance, technical check and vehicle insurance. Spare parts tracking, setting a seating map and storing of registration documents.

Driver management

Register, store driver’s personal data, driver’s attestation, salary settings and receive automatic notification about driver’s documents validity.

Sub contractor management

Manage subcontractor’s core data, related documents and their vehicles.

Line management

Define name of the bus line, bus stations, passenger types, price types, off days, timetable, departure days and print out all relevant information.

Station and border management

Define station names, addresses, city, country, geo positioning and borders.

Management of transportation licences

Manage licence core data, related documents and their validity.

Reservation and Sales Module

Bus operator sales channels

Online: Internet Booking Engine, native Android and iOS booking apps, cross-sell ancilliary services (during check out process) e.g. hotels, car rentals, transfers and administration panel for passengers

Offline: Infrastructure for on-board sales, bus operator point of sales and call center platform

Wemovo cross-selling ancillary services

Earn money by selling additional services like hotels, car rentals, insurances, transfers and sightseeings

Sales partners management

Create and manage sales partner/travel agency accounts (as pre-paid or post-paid) where travel agencies can manage bookings and sell tickets. In addition, it allows invoice generation and transaction management

Administration panel

Manage, overview and export all bookings, and manage ticket settings and background colors for IBE

Pricing Module

Passenger types

Define different passenger types based on age, profession and personal situation e.g. handicapped

Return prices

Create return prices based on the length of time the ticket is valid

Additional services

Define price for additional services such as bulky luggage, bycicles, pet kennels, etc.

Cancellation policies

Define ticket cancellation policies based on time before departure

Line prices

Define general and promotional pricetable and speficy prices depending on departures, sales channels, passenger types and return tickets

VIP Module

Cross border tax

Calculate VAT of different countries for cross-border lines

Yield management system (YMS)

Optimize revenues dependent upon customers demand, their willingness to pay, seating capacity and competitive behavior

Bus route mapping

Display routes graphically, assign seats with ease and optimize bus load factor

Departure yield management

Prioritize sales from stations with higher prices in case of limited seats

Access Management Module

External communication

Full API integration, WordPress plugin and IBE (only the search API).

Internal user management

Allow different levels of access for different users from read-only to full access.

On-Board Module

Sales and check-in app (including device)

Offer your stationary sale tickets on-board via handheld printer device, and validate tickets through QR code during boarding process without internet connections partners the WEMOVO travel agency selling platform to search for routes, book tickets and pay with various payment methods to end customers.

Analytics and Reporting Module

Booking platform internal metrics

View the ticket sales, search logs and cart funnel with most searched routes

Line statistics

Overview of line performance and comparison based on different KPIs

Sales channel statistics

Overview of sales channels performance and comparison based on different KPIs

Customer Support Module


Increase your customer satisfaction by using one helpdesk for all communication channels.

Alarm, Notification

Notify your customers about delays, upcoming journeys and timetable changes via SMS or email.

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